Quality ®

The software aims to assess and prioritize set of actions to improve the Continuity Indicators (DEC, FEC, DIC, FIC) of feeders and electrical sets, from the analysis of the Database Occurrences and registration information of the Bank GIS Company.

 Management continuity indicators (historical basis for calculating), with presentation of information of occurrences in geo-referenced environment.

 Performance evaluation of feeders and electric sets (substations):

- Calculation of failure rates and mean service times.
- Statistical analysis of occurrences.
- Correlation of events of the corresponding causes.
- Predictor for indicators according to the scenarios.

 Assessment and prioritization of works for improvement of indicators, considering the benefits to collective indicators (DEC, FEC).

- Allocation of automated keys, with optimization of points for your installation.
- Reconductoring of network of medium voltage.
- Optimization of improvement works (minimization of the indicators within the overall budget).