Interprote ®

Selection of protection devices and coordination studies of protection of the primary networks

 Georeferenced friendly interface offering the key features resources required to subsidize analyzes related to the protection system.

 Resource for registration and / or update of the main protection devices and their performance curves of performance:

fusible links (curves "time-current" concerning the timing of merger and opening links); reclosers and electromechanical overcurrent relays (curves "time-current") and digitals (from the curves and specific equations of the manufacturer or standard curves: ANSI; IEC, etc).

 Calculation of all electrical quantities of interest in determining adjustments: load currents, fault current (three-phase short-circuit, dual-phase and phase-to-ground with and without impedance defect), temporary current (inrush), voltage in the healthy phases, etc.

 Application of diagnosis of the existing protection system: indication of derivations and snippets feeders that requiring installation of fuse links.

 Application of automatic proposition of fuse links: automatic indication of the most appropriate links in each derivation, to obtain selectivity and backup protection, considering the protection zone of each switch and other devices downstream.

 Application of analysis and setting of protection: interactive and friendly module that allows to perform analysis protection, by simulating the coordenograma adjustments of various equipment covered, in such a way to obtain adequate conditions for coordination and / or selectivity.